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26th Annual HPCC Conference – Supercomputing: A Global Perspective

Demonstrating the value of HPC for small organizations, Intelligent Light Founder and GM, Steve M. Legensky will be an invited speaker at this conference of the National High Performance Computer and Communications Council. The presentation is titled “HPC, Data Management and Racing Bicycle Wheels”

Over the past few years, Intelligent Light, has been collaborating with Zipp Speed Weaponry, one of the leading manufacturers of bicycle components for professional and amateur racing. This is a story of two ‘missing middle’ successes: of Intelligent Light seeking experience and inspiration to advance its FieldView Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) products for an HPC-centric engineering world and of Zipp, looking to engineer the most competitive products for their customers. The intersection: using CFD simulation at a very high technical level to understand and optimize a product from a small, US manufacturer. Employing parallel computing on a remote HPC system to perform unsteady CFD calculations yields large quantities of numerical results. Post-processing the terabytes of disk file data in an effective manner requires a new paradigm for CFD data management. Intelligent Light has delivered such a capability via parallel batch processing and extract databases which are compact, efficient and completely loss-less. These tools reduce file size and processing time by one to three orders of magnitude over current methods. The results for Zipp are equally impressive: to quote the July 2011 issue of Tour Magazine, “The sensation: the fastest spoke wheel ever. Aerodynamically a revelation and out in front at all speeds.” The story continues…

March 26-28, 2012, Newport, RI

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