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Accelerating product engineering at smaller organizations

Zipp Speed Weaponry

Intelligent Light Case Study:

A Lesson for Small Engineering and Manufacturing Companies  –  How one small manufacturer leveraged high performance computing to increase revenues 100% and add 120 jobs to the Indiana economy.

SMMs need to innovate with limited resources. See how you can:

  • Quickly deploy an effective CFD workflow
  • Exploit HPC resources
  • Embed organizational knowledge and best practices into your workflow
  • Deliver timely results to the right people

Learn how Intelligent Light delivered a combination of commercial CFD software and expert services to help Zipp Speed Weaponry harness the power of HPC enabled CFD.

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Technical details about the bicycle wheel study available from our CFD Visual Library:

  • Bicycle Wheel Aerodynamics and CFD Workflow Whitepaper (executive summary, full paper)
  • Full Bicycle & CFD Workflow Presentation – CD-adapco UGM 2012
  • DYNAMICS Magazine Article published by CD-adapco

AIAA published papers on bicycle aerodynamics (Aerospace Sciences Meeting 2009-2011).  Available from our CFD Visual Library:

  • AIAA 2011 – DES simulation of bicycle wheel and fork combinations. Data management reduces time 15-20 fold, and disk usage 30 fold.
  • AIAA 2010 – Credible & significant differences in wheel designs. Expands CFD data management & workflow automation for Tera-scale data.
  • AIAA 2009 – First comparative study of aerodynamic wheels using CFD


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