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Newsletter: Announcing FieldView 14, New Whitepaper: Big CFD for High Lift Workshop

This edition of our newsletter announces the availability of the FieldView 14 release, a new large scale CFD whitepaper based on work done for the AIAA High Lift Workshop, and Intelligent Light’s recognition in the HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards.

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FV14 multi-windows wing plot

HiLift Wing and plot.
FieldView 14 allows multiple interactive views of datasets.

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Announcing FieldView 14

FV14 multi-windows wing plotFieldView version 14 is here!

CFD Data Management and Affordable Scalability – FieldView 14 brings Parallel Power to the People

  • Now every standard FieldView license runs up to 8 CPU cores.
  • Special upgrades for all existing FieldView Parallel users.

FieldView 14 also deliversArterial blood flow study

  • High speed rendering for automated batch workflows.
  • Enhanced XDB capabilities increase speed and convenience.
  • Unsteady particle visualization that is up to 400 times faster, allowing the interactive visualization of millions of particles for complex applications like combustion and mixing.
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Whitepaper: Massive CFD Data Handled Quickly Without Compromise – Maximize Your CFD Investment

IL-ARG-CaseStudy-13-01_HighLiftMassive CFD Data Handled Quickly Without Compromise – Maximize Your CFD Investment
Real World Example Case: Analysis From High Lift Drag Prediction Workshop Simulations.


The 2013 AIAA High Lift Production Workshop asked participants to develop and run multiple high-lift prediction simulations and compare results.  Intelligent Light used an engineered CFD workflow to complete the full set of simulations and produce the comparisons using a single part-time researcher.  The engineered workflow enabled IL to be the only participant who ran the entire simulation set rather than scoping down the project to  limit case and data volume at the front end. An example of CFD without compromise!

 “Cray systems provide central computational resources at commercial, academic and government centers around the world; often serving distributed user communities.  Efficient tools to analyze CFD simulation results and enable the remote user community are essential.   Management, automation, and remote visualization capabilities in FieldView are a proven technology for post processing whether the data is across the room or across the country. Cray is pleased to work with Intelligent Light to ensure this is a robust and efficient solution.

Per Nyberg, Director of Cray Business Development

This whitepaper provides both a case study and tutorial for working with large CFD data.  The author presents how the CFD flow solver, OVERFLOW2, and Intelligent Light’s CFD post-processor, FieldView, was used in a remote solving and remote post-processing environment to analyze solutions for the AIAA High Lift Drag Prediction Workshop.  Using the OVERFLOW2 solver from NASA, over 63 solutions were obtained on a remotely located Cray XE6 system.  The large volumes of data were stored on the remote system where FieldView Parallel was used in batch and interactive modes to interrogate the data.  An extract workflow was applied to create FieldView surface extract databases (XDBs), line extracts, and streamlines, reducing the data by a factor of 275,  The extracts were transferred to local laptop where FieldView FVX scripts, together with GNUplot, were used to automatically generate comparisons between the cases and against experimental data. This paper summarizes the work and provides examples for using FieldView, FVX and XDB workflows to automate the post-processing of large scale simulations.

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Digital Manufacturing Report: Data Management: The Missing Link to the Missing Middle

Digital Manufacturing ReportDigital Manufacturing Report Managing Editor, Chelsea Long published an article on CFD Data Management as it relates to HPC adoption by small and medium sized manufacturers (SMMs).  Read the article

You have to get past the risk reduction argument before you can start to sell based on ROI.  The small-to-medium guys aren’t seduced by CFD and it’s great mystery or promise. If they can’t cost-effectively predict the behavior of new products with low uncertainty, they’re not interested.

Steve M. Legensky

Founder and General Manager, Inteligent Light


Intelligent Light at VINAS UGM, October 9-11, Shinegawa, JAPAN

Learn how to take the lessons from working with experts in large scale CFD and apply them to your workflows for maximum productivity.  Presentations and workshops are detailed below.

More information at the VINAS Conference site.


Lectures Workshops
Engineered CFD Workflows for Effective HPC Performance FieldView 14 Workshop: Entry Session (New Features of FieldView14)
Introduction of FieldView V14 to realize the high-speed particle visualization and multi-window display

Engineered CFD Workflows for Effective HPC Performance

Steve M. Legensky, Founder and General Manager, Intelligent Light

As core counts increase, CFD users are expecting more throughput for simulations.  However, many companies experience bottlenecks due to legacy workflows from older computing and data flow styles.  We describe how new, engineered workflows produce higher throughput without increasing hardware costs.


Analysis of Extreme Scale CFD Engineering Applications

Dr. Earl P.N. Duque, Manager of Applied Research, Intelligent Light

Extremely large CFD simulations require parallel and batch post-processing capabilities such as those available in FieldView. Two recent projects, analysis of a high lift transport aircraft and a wind farm simulation with 10’s of billions of grid points will be presented.

FieldView Workshop – October 9, 2013

Entry SessionNew features of FieldView 14: Lecture and Hands-on
Yves-Marie Lefebvre, Sales & Support Engineer, Intelligent Light

Shinya Higaki, CFD Product Group, Engineering Department 1, VINAS Co., Ltd.

Introducing new features of FieldView14 and experience the new world of FieldView through this hands-on session.

  • Manage your data intuitively and productively with multi-window operation
  • Create high impact images & animations with improved vector options
  • Use ruled grids to provide dimensional reference & track flow features
  • Visualize transient spray combustion (millions of particles) up to 400X faster
  • and many others


Dr. Earl P.N. Duque, Manager of Applied Research, Intelligent Light
Mr. Yves-Marie Lefebvre, Sales & Support Engineer, Intelligent Light
Shinya Higaki, CFD Product Group, Engineering Department 1, VINAS Co., Ltd.

Introducing the technology of CFD Advanced Workflow by FieldView. Dr. Earl P.N. Duque, Manager of Applied Research Group at Intelligent Light will present the state-of-art technology of CFD visualization. Also, we will present and demonstrate how to create and manage the workflow by FVX and batch automation and XDB for large scaled CFD data. The attendees can try the workflow and the advanced technology through this hands-on session.