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SC13 HPC Impact Showcase – Accelerating Innovation While Reducing Risk

SC13 HPC Impact Showcase Presentationsc13

Accelerating Innovation While Reducing Risk – High Impact HPC at a Formula One Team and a Racing Bike Wheels Manufacturer

Date: Tuesday, November 19th
Time: 1:00-1:40PM, SC13 HPC Impact Showcase stage on the exhibit floor
Presenter: Steve M. Legensky, Intelligent Light

Abstract: For performance-oriented engineering organizations, high-performance computing (HPC) offers the promise of accelerating performance while reducing risk. The HPC-enabled success of two such organizations will be compared: one with large in-house HPC resources and dedicated computational fluid dynamics (CFD) engineering staff and the other a small engineering and manufacturing company producing consumer products. Common needs and different HPC strategies are discussed. These organizations depend on working with commercial software vendors to develop their capabilities and direct their investments to core skills and knowledge.

Red Bull Racing dominates Formula 1 racing with three consecutive Constructors and Drivers Championships, while Zipp Speed Weaponry has developed leading-edge products that resulted in a doubling of category revenue and 120 new manufacturing jobs for a market leader in a mature segment. The audience will see how different investment and HPC use models are producing extraordinary results and are illustrative of the path forward for innovators in many industries of any size. Through the use of HPC for CFD, these companies rapidly develop and deliver accurate, actionable information to engineers and managers through engineered CFD workflows. Each company has developed the ability to rapidly explore many ideas, put more mature designs into testing and production, and reduce the risks of exploring novel design approaches.

Among the speakers joining Mr. Legensky in The Showcase:

  • Dr. Cynthia R. McIntyre, Dr. Walter L. Kirchner (The Council on Competitiveness)
  • Dr. Mohamad S. El-Zein (Deere & Company)
  • Chris Baker, Goodyear
  • Matthew H. Evans, Ph.D., Lockheed Martin Corporation

Titles and schedule for additional talksHPC Impact Showcase full program info


Roger Rintala

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  • Q1. Best use of HPC application in manufacturing – Zipp Speed Weaponry with Intelligent Light, Dell, Intel, and R-Systems using HPC-enabled CFD develop Firecrest® aerodynamic bicycle racing wheels
  • Q8. Best use of HPC in the cloud – Intelligent Light with Cray XE6™ using cloud-based resources for CFD automation, data management and CFD studies – AIAA High Light Production Workshop.
  • 13. Best HPC visualization product or technology - Intelligent Light, FieldView 14 – CFD Post-Processing for HPC

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Intelligent Light at VINAS UGM, October 9-11, Shinegawa, JAPAN

Learn how to take the lessons from working with experts in large scale CFD and apply them to your workflows for maximum productivity.  Presentations and workshops are detailed below.

More information at the VINAS Conference site.


Lectures Workshops
Engineered CFD Workflows for Effective HPC Performance FieldView 14 Workshop: Entry Session (New Features of FieldView14)
Introduction of FieldView V14 to realize the high-speed particle visualization and multi-window display

Engineered CFD Workflows for Effective HPC Performance

Steve M. Legensky, Founder and General Manager, Intelligent Light

As core counts increase, CFD users are expecting more throughput for simulations.  However, many companies experience bottlenecks due to legacy workflows from older computing and data flow styles.  We describe how new, engineered workflows produce higher throughput without increasing hardware costs.


Analysis of Extreme Scale CFD Engineering Applications

Dr. Earl P.N. Duque, Manager of Applied Research, Intelligent Light

Extremely large CFD simulations require parallel and batch post-processing capabilities such as those available in FieldView. Two recent projects, analysis of a high lift transport aircraft and a wind farm simulation with 10’s of billions of grid points will be presented.

FieldView Workshop – October 9, 2013

Entry SessionNew features of FieldView 14: Lecture and Hands-on
Yves-Marie Lefebvre, Sales & Support Engineer, Intelligent Light

Shinya Higaki, CFD Product Group, Engineering Department 1, VINAS Co., Ltd.

Introducing new features of FieldView14 and experience the new world of FieldView through this hands-on session.

  • Manage your data intuitively and productively with multi-window operation
  • Create high impact images & animations with improved vector options
  • Use ruled grids to provide dimensional reference & track flow features
  • Visualize transient spray combustion (millions of particles) up to 400X faster
  • and many others


Dr. Earl P.N. Duque, Manager of Applied Research, Intelligent Light
Mr. Yves-Marie Lefebvre, Sales & Support Engineer, Intelligent Light
Shinya Higaki, CFD Product Group, Engineering Department 1, VINAS Co., Ltd.

Introducing the technology of CFD Advanced Workflow by FieldView. Dr. Earl P.N. Duque, Manager of Applied Research Group at Intelligent Light will present the state-of-art technology of CFD visualization. Also, we will present and demonstrate how to create and manage the workflow by FVX and batch automation and XDB for large scaled CFD data. The attendees can try the workflow and the advanced technology through this hands-on session.




HiLift Prediction Workshop 2 Update

I’m really excited to present my HiLift Prediction Workshop 2 results here at the AIAA Fluids Conference.  Feels great to roll up sleeves again for this project. I’ll have a Case Study that highlights what I did to post-process all these cases and then a conference paper at the 2014 AIAA Fluids Conference.

Dr. Earl Duque


VINAS Spring Seminar 2013

IntelligentVinas Light’s representatives in Japan will host IL staff as a part of their 2013 CFD Top Solutions CFD Seminar.  Intelligent Light will present the latest in High Performance CFD for this Japanese audience from across industry and academia.


Introducing FieldView 14 for High Performance CFD
Presenter: Yves-Marie Lefebvre, Sales and Support Engineer, Intelligent Light


Presentation abstract:
Over the last couple of years, FieldView has made a breakthrough in CFD
post-processing thanks to innovative Data Management methods and powerful
Automation tools. This spring, FieldView comes back with its biggest release
in years, packed with new capabilities, including the best multi-window
implementation in our industry.


This presentation will introduce these improvements through actual
industrial examples. Mr. Lefebvre has over 10 years of experience in
CFD post-processing and worked with several Formula 1 teams on the
deployment of FieldView Data Management and Automation solutions through
Intelligent Light’s High Performance Solutions Program.