Intelligent Light VisIt Presentations at SC13 – Booth #4216

by Media | October 23, 2013 4:24 pm

The Department of Energy’s open-source VisIt software is the most advanced engine for ultra-scale visualization.  Working with the VisIt community, we are advancing, developing, and demonstrating the ability to use VisIt in a production engineering environment for the most complex of CFD problems, often using in-situ post-processing to achieve high performance with very large data.  As we bring together the strengths of Intelligent Light, FieldView, and VisIt to offer commercially robust and fully supported releases of VisIt, we are honored to welcome a series of presentations in our Intelligent Light booth at SC13.

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Full List of Speakers:

Speakers from the VisIT community  (Speakers from Intelligent Light[2])

Intelligent Light Speakers:        Download the presentation schedule

Request a Meeting at SC13[1]

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