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VINAS Spring Seminar 2013

IntelligentVinas Light’s representatives in Japan will host IL staff as a part of their 2013 CFD Top Solutions CFD Seminar.  Intelligent Light will present the latest in High Performance CFD for this Japanese audience from across industry and academia.


Introducing FieldView 14 for High Performance CFD
Presenter: Yves-Marie Lefebvre, Sales and Support Engineer, Intelligent Light


Presentation abstract:
Over the last couple of years, FieldView has made a breakthrough in CFD
post-processing thanks to innovative Data Management methods and powerful
Automation tools. This spring, FieldView comes back with its biggest release
in years, packed with new capabilities, including the best multi-window
implementation in our industry.


This presentation will introduce these improvements through actual
industrial examples. Mr. Lefebvre has over 10 years of experience in
CFD post-processing and worked with several Formula 1 teams on the
deployment of FieldView Data Management and Automation solutions through
Intelligent Light’s High Performance Solutions Program.

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